The Power of the Long Short with Julie Gates

December 17, 2021 00:35:26
The Power of the Long Short with Julie Gates
The Short Term Show
The Power of the Long Short with Julie Gates

Dec 17 2021 | 00:35:26


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Julie Gates is a real estate investor who specializes in pet-friendly “Long Short” rentals in Savannah, Georgia. She operates dozens of rentals that are unique in that they operate to niche markets in all aspects from how they are initially furnished to how they are marketed to the general population. In addition, unlike many short-term rentals, Julie is able to maximize gain by allowing people to bring their pets and charging a pet fee. Operating most of her homes for longer stays, Julie is able to appeal to specialized groups of individuals from people traveling to Atlanta for a month-long film shoot to digital nomads looking for adventure.


Avery speaks with Julie about the specialties of her in-depth expertise in the Long Short Rental. Julie discusses the benefits of setting residency limits in your STR, and how it helps to maximize profit and minimize unnecessary loss. We speak about the intricacies of setting up a STR behind the scenes and the value of specifics such as how to best market your short term rentals, pet fees, and how rental markets are impacted by location, whether the rental is based closer to the city or in a more suburban area. Julia shares her industry-wide advice on the benefit of specializing in your market, and the need to adapt quickly to the ever-changing industry to optimize success.


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