The World of Miami Rentals with Sebastian Geraldo

December 10, 2021 00:28:13
The World of Miami Rentals with Sebastian Geraldo
The Short Term Show
The World of Miami Rentals with Sebastian Geraldo

Dec 10 2021 | 00:28:13


Show Notes

Sebastian Geraldo is an expert when it comes to the Miami and Florida real estate market, owning many rentals throughout the state and beyond. Miami is not only a niche and effective market to invest in, but a highly desirable one regardless of season. In addition to his work in STR, Sebastian is also a mentor and founder of Airbnbs Miami, a large group of fellow investors who own and operate rentals in the area. Initially working in a different industry, Sebastian fell in love with real estate investing because it allowed him an opportunity to work for himself and take advantage of the flexibility that owning your own business allows. 


Avery speaks with Sebastian about how he got started in the Miami real estate market and the hurdles that he faced along the way. Sebastian delves into how he first discovered real estate, as well as the issues he faced during COVID and how he needed to make powerful changes to his investment structure to maximize gain and adapt to the changing time. Sebastian also gives his specific advice on how the Miami market works from operations to the most desirable properties. Avery and Sebastian also speak about common mistakes in the industry, and how someone just starting out can best prepare before diving in.


Key Topics:

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Your Porter

Smart BnB


Beyond Pricing


Seven Habits of Highly Successful People

Airbnb Hosts South Florida

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