Sacrifice Today for a Better Tomorrow with Derek Tellier

March 10, 2022 00:54:35
Sacrifice Today for a Better Tomorrow with Derek Tellier
The Short Term Show
Sacrifice Today for a Better Tomorrow with Derek Tellier

Mar 10 2022 | 00:54:35


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Derek Tellier is an agent at the Short Term Shop and is a very successful real estate investor. A rock and roll lover and a Harley Davison expert, Derek was working a W2 job when he first entered the world of real estate. However, he has now achieved enormous success across several markets spanning multi-family homes, condos, and homes. He is a member of exp Realty and continues to grow his real estate portfolio due to his willingness to take risks, and put in the necessary effort to succeed.


Avery speaks with Derek about how he just got into the real estate market, and the value of finding trustworthy mentors and partners in your rise to success. They also speak about their direct experiences with the sacrifices needed to create a solid business and foundation and how people often glamorize their individual paths to success rather than actually acknowledging the grit that it took to get there. Derek goes in-depth into the many properties that he currently owns, and the knowledge he has gained about the diversity of the market, financing, and getting loans along the way in his real estate journey. Most importantly, Avery and Derek talk about the leap of faith it takes to any hard decision, and how sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and take a chance on yourself.


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