Not Your Average Joe Real Estate Investing with Ethan McCarty

May 11, 2022 00:27:39
Not Your Average Joe Real Estate Investing with Ethan McCarty
The Short Term Show
Not Your Average Joe Real Estate Investing with Ethan McCarty

May 11 2022 | 00:27:39


Show Notes

Ethan Tyler McCarty is a self-proclaimed Average Joe of real estate investing, but the success that he has made in the market is anything but ordinary. With a wide range of investments throughout the US that he operates with his wife, Ethan is an expert on building a wide-spanning portfolio while also keeping caution and deep research in mind.


Avery speaks with Ethan about how he and his wife got into the real estate market and their tips on educating yourself before getting started. They also speak about the importance of having a financial cushion and proceeding with caution as opposed to throwing oneself into the market blindly. They speak in-depth about the perks and downsides of different types of assets that exist from condos to flips to trailers as well as what it means to be a true hardcore real estate couple.


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