Tips for Picking Your Short-Term Rental Market

July 30, 2021 00:36:41
Tips for Picking Your Short-Term Rental Market
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Tips for Picking Your Short-Term Rental Market

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Tony Robinson is a short term real estate investor who learned from a young age the importance of holding property to build wealth rather than immediately jumping to wholesaling. Ever since he received enough capital to do so, Tony has been profiting from his well-calculated short term investments. He currently works actively in both the Smokey Mountains and Joshua Tree, California. He is an expert when it comes to understanding your market and making the right decisions whether you are purchasing your first short-term rental homes or adding additional real estate to your portfolio.


In this episode, show host Avery Carl has an in-depth conversation with Tony about the differences between the different real estate markets and how the specific needs of the property change geographically, and as the tourism and the population of the area changes throughout time. We additionally speak about the differences between short and long term rentals and the risks that may come with either investment. Tony speaks about the characteristics of the property that should be carefully researched prior to purchase, and how to know the right questions to ask before agreeing to the sale.


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