The Importance of Data Quality in Real Estate Tools with Erica Muller

January 03, 2024 00:45:19
The Importance of Data Quality in Real Estate Tools with Erica Muller
The Short Term Show
The Importance of Data Quality in Real Estate Tools with Erica Muller

Jan 03 2024 | 00:45:19


Show Notes

This week Avery is joined by the founder of Vrolio, Erica Muller! Vrolio is a data company focused on providing better data solutions for real estate investors and agents. Erica and Avery discuss the shortcomings of existing data tools on the market and highlight the importance of having both quantitative data and qualitative analysis when making decisions. She also shares how Vrolio differentiates itself by conducting an intensive cleansing process to ensure their data set is accurate and useful for professionals in the industry. 


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