Optimizing your Home, Both Inside and Out with Jeff Lloulian

September 10, 2021 00:33:28
Optimizing your Home, Both Inside and Out with Jeff Lloulian
The Short Term Show
Optimizing your Home, Both Inside and Out with Jeff Lloulian

Sep 10 2021 | 00:33:28


Show Notes

Jeff Lloulian has been in the vacation rental industry for almost a decade. At one point managing hundreds of properties ranging from cozy cabins to luxury mansions, Jeff is additionally an entrepreneur always working to solve interdisciplinary problems in emerging industries. He has a background in both Economics and Philosophy, as well as experience as a lawyer practicing business litigation, cybersecurity and intellectual property. He is the founder and CEO of HostGPO, a company hoping to save short term rental owners time and money by offering them exclusive deals and offers to purchase vital furniture and supplies for their rentals. HostGPO now has 75,000 members between the US and Canada and is expanding rapidly.


Avery speaks with Jeff about his advice for not only investing in short-term rentals but acquiring the supplies and furniture needed to make them a success. We speak about how specific furniture caters to different markets and design aesthetics, as well as tips and tricks of the industry. We go into depth into the must-haves, common mistakes, advice, as well as how HomeGPO can benefit any rental unit owner no matter their experience or the current number of units that they currently have. We additionally speak about the intricacies of different markets specifically, the benefits of building equity and how to navigate the many hurdles that renters face in every part of the business. 



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